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With our variety of Stock Molds, you can create trim for your Window or Door.
Quick and easy as Cut, Clip, and Caulk (CCC).

Precast Window Molding

Left Stone Molding

Precast Window Molding

Right Stone Molding

Window Molding Precast

Straight Stone Molding

Left Return Thin Molding

Left Self Return

Right Return Thin Molding

Right Self Return

Thin Stone Molding Window Sill

Left Sill

Thin Stone Molding Window Sill

Right Sill

Thin Stone Molding Sill Straight

Straight Sill

The Finest Architectural Precast
In The Business

Check out our vast selection of cast stone moldings for both residential and commercial projects. You will fall in love with the way our thin veneer collection looks on your new or existing home. Not only looks great but is easy to install! You can use our products for both interior & exterior. All maintenance free so no need to paint or repair like cheaper alternatives.

Who Is Thin Stone

Thin Stone Moldings is owned by Coral Cast® LLC which is a company based in Plainview, NY (Long Island). We manufacture and distribute the finest cast stone thin veneer products on the market. Whether your a home owner, contractor, or architect, we have quality products that will fit your needs.

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